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The Following Are Links To The Highest Paying Faucets available Updated Weekly . All sites have been tested (but please use all sites with a decent anti virus software , just in case and some sites contain Adult content)

Having trouble with a site let me know musohitman1@gmail.com will always try and resolve your claiming issue

All Links when clicked will open in a new tab

Links will direct you away from this site to external faucets . I am not responsible for the content on these faucets

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We Now Accepted Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies through the site below

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PLEASE BE AWARE FAUCET HUB HAS STOPPED ALL FAUCET ACTIVITY Links are still live but sites may not payout and will not be using Faucethub as a payment wallet to receive your claims

The Following Site seems to be getting similar faucets added

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Bitcoin Sites
Listed Below

Best Autofaucet Site (Formely on Faucethub) Multicoins BTC , ZEC, BCH, ETH, DGB + More

21 BTC every 60 seconds – New 02.02.20

Upto 30 BTC every 4 Minutes 2 shortlinks for claim

Multicoin Autofaucet Site – Claim every 5 minutes

6,10,30-40,60-80,100 BTC No Timer

15 , 25,50 BTC every 240 minutes

Free $100 Dollar Level up Investment site No Deposit Needed

Multicoin Autofaucet – BTC , ETH , BCN, + More

14,21,25,100 BTC every 120 Minutes – Refilled 20.01.20

20,25,30,100 BTC every 3 Minutes

5,103,514 BTC every 60 minutes

6 to 50 BTC every 5 Minute (Manual) or Autofaucet 2 BTC every 10 minutes

10,25,50 BTC every 4 Minutes (Faucetpay.io Site now)

Multicoin Faucet – BTC Normal and Autofaucet plus LTC and DOGE

10,20,30 BTC every 120 minutes

11,17,34 BTC every 30 Minutes

15,17,19,21,23,25,27,50,250 BTC every 60 seconds – Shortlink can take sometime to complete

AUTOFAUCET MULTICOIN CLAIM SITE – Runs even when you close window

Telegram BTC Bot – Pays every 10 seconds

15 BTC every 30 minutes

AutoFaucet (All coins except BTC)

20 BTC – every 60 seconds

17 BTC or 23 BTC with shortlink every 60 seconds

2,3,4,5,100 BTC – No Timer EMPTY 17.01.20

BTC AutoFaucet 1 BTC every 60 seconds – Empty 30.01.20

7,15,25,50 every 60 minutes

3,5,7,10,15,20 BTC every 15 minutes

25 BTC every 5 Minutes or Autofaucet Function (No BTC Claim)

Daily BTC Bonus Offerwalls Faucets and More No withdrawl limit

5,9,15,50 BTC every 60 seconds – Added 04.12.19

Multicoin Claim Site – New ADD 22.12.19

BTC Faucet / Offerwall / Paid Ad Site and More

10 , 20 BTC every 10 Minutes


BTC Autominer 1 BTC every 3 minutes

Upto 100000 BTC every Minute

5,6,9,13,16,29 BTC – No Timer

FREE BTC Mining Site 1000 BTC on download and sign up

Upto 20 BTC every 4 Minutes

21 BTC every 720 minutes – EMPTY 30.12.19

PTC ,ADS, BTC Faucets Site – Withdrawl Threshold 1000 Satoshi

8,10,12 BTC every 1 minute – EMPTY 05.12.19

2,4,6,8,10 BTC every 10 minutes

10 BTC every 10 Minutes

Satoshi Quiz Site – 100 BTC Prize every 1 minute divided between 1st , 2nd & 3rd Place – Minimum withdrawl 15000 Satoshi

Super Mario BTC Game

Claim Free TRON BTC and More by doing survey’s, watching videos, completing jobs.

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